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Where to Eat in Belgrade -Top 3 Fine Dining Restaurants in Belgrade

Updated: Jan 4

One of the most frequent questions we get from our guests is -What are the best places to eat in Belgrade?

Fine Dining Restaurants in belgrade

As there is no “one answer fits all” to this question, we’ve decided to compile a few lists of Belgrade restaurants. The idea is that anyone can find something to suit their needs.

The first one we’ve decided to tackle is Fine Dining restaurants in Belgrade. The most exclusive kind that boasts elite tastes and unique interiors. The ones we’ve picked out are tried and tested options that will surely serve as an “icing on a cake” on your Belgrade adventure.

Fine Dining in belgrade

What is Fine Dining?

Well…to put it simply, it’s a sensual gratification. Makes sense, considering the concept itself originates from Paris. It’s also a given that the concept invites true hedonists, in every sense of the word, to satisfy their need for enjoyment by indulging in the finest foods that culinary arts can offer. But it’s not just the hedonist’s palate that gets spoiled, the whole point is that the guest leaves fully satisfied. Restaurants that focus on this "fine dining" concept care about the tiniest of details.

HOMA - Fine Dining Restaurant in Dorćol

homa Fine Dining Restaurant

The reason HOMA is our #1 choice is simply because the love for people, brilliant food, and hedonism is felt from the moment you step in. HOMA is for those who value minimalism that tells a deeper story.

The interior, for one, while modern and tasteful, still gives you a very powerful feeling of hominess and warmth. The dishes as well, simple, made with fresh local ingredients with a very unique twist. Another thing that really brings this point home is the fact that one of the owners is a chief and you can feel the love that was put into making their menu.

homa Fine Dining

The thing that speaks to me the most is the devotion and resilience behind the very idea of HOMA. Their unprecedented and uncompromising approach to dining in Serbia, their need to push boundaries of culinary art is what truly makes them stand out and their unwavering resilience to stay true to themselves and their story is also worth a mention.

homa belgrade

If you value high-quality food, minimalistic elegance but still desire a very personal touch to your dining experience than you should really check them out.

Opening hours: 12pm - 1am

FRANŠ - Fine Dining Restaurant in Vračar

frans Fine Dining Restaurant

Ahh…probably one of the best-kept secrets of Belgradians. Franš has been around for 38 years and for good reason. It has gone through thick and thin and it’s still one of the best places to seek real hedonistic pleasures.

Franš has very modest beginnings, but that shouldn’t discourage you, as they’ve come a long way. They’ve grown together with their clientele and evolved.

The restaurants boast:

frans interior

- exquisite ambient

“Our guests are mostly surprised by the greenery and the ambient that awaits when they enter the restaurant. Between the concrete and traffic, you enter a gastronomic oasis filled with music and the trickling of the fountain”.

-friendly, but very professional service

frans Fine Dining

-above all magical tastes to satisfy your taste buds

“In the beginning, the restaurant offered local cuisine, and the whole menu including drinks had four pages. In decades to come, each meal category was expanded to include new dishes, but also new categories of specialties, ranging from seafood, pasta, and salads to numerous desserts. Today, we have a different menu for specialties, a different one for desserts, a drink menu, and a wine list. There are now tens of pages following the world restaurant trends, but still with a focus on our original offer of local dishes we had from the start.”

Monday-Saturday -09.00h

Salon 1905 - Fine Dining Restaurant in BW

salon 1905

This list wouldn’t have been complete without this gem. Set in the very heart of the old town this restaurant is bound to take your breath away.

Starting from the entrance…

“The turn-of-the-century landmark building is a masterpiece of mixed Baroque and Art Nouveaux architecture, with a spectacular interior wrapped in glistening brass, marble and gold”.

salon 1905 Fine Dining

…it boasts a feeling of coziness yet there is an undiminishable level of opulence that preps your senses for the magnificence that awaits you on the plate…

“We serve the real thing. Finest Mediterranean cuisine, using only fresh high-quality ingredients for each one of our dishes. Our kitchen is known for keeping the recipes simple yet powerful. The team’s vast international experience in the gourmet industry adds an extra layer of class to your experience every time. We advise you to sit back and relax and let the house do the magic. Reinvention is what keeps classics alive.”

salon 1905 Fine Dining Restaurant in belgrade

Monday to Saturday

12:00h / 01:00h

Kitchen closes at 23:00h

If you decide to give one of these a try (you won’t be disappointed if you do), make sure to tell us what you think. This list was made for you, after all, so feel free to reach out and share your impressions with us @belgradeturtleboat on IG and Facebook.

  • photos have been borrowed from the mentioned venues

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