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Is Belgrade Safe for Your Family Vacation?

Hello, fellow family planners! Are you thinking about a family trip to Belgrade but wondering, "how safe is Belgrade?"

is belgrade safe

Well, I've got some great news for you! Belgrade is not just an interesting destination; it’s also very safe for families. Let's explore why this vibrant city is a perfect choice for creating unforgettable family memories.

Family-Friendly Fun in Belgrade

First off, is Belgrade a safe city? Absolutely!

This city is like a big, welcoming family. You'll find parks brimming with laughter, kid-friendly museums that ignite curiosity, and family restaurants serving up delicious, hearty meals. Every corner of Belgrade tells a story of safety, warmth, and fun for all ages.

Parks and Playgrounds in Belgrade

Is Belgrade safe for families to enjoy outdoor activities? Absolutely! Belgrade’s parks are not only lush and scenic but also secure for children. Let's explore some fantastic spots where your family can enjoy the great outdoors in Belgrade.

Kalemegdan Park: A Historical Playground

Picture your kids playing in the safe embrace of Kalemegdan Park. This historical park isn’t just a green haven; it’s a journey through time. With its fortress, ancient walls, and stunning views over the confluence of the River Sava and Danube, it's a place where playtime meets history.

Tašmajdan Park: Modern Fun in Nature

Tašmajdan Park is another family favorite. Recently renovated, it offers modern playgrounds, lush greenery, and a safe, relaxing environment. The park also hosts a sports and recreation center, making it ideal for active families.

Topčider Park: A Green Retreat

For a day under the trees, head to Topčider Park. It’s one of the city's oldest parks, featuring wide-open spaces perfect for picnics, play, and a bit of peace away from the city bustle. The park also includes a historic residence, adding a touch of elegance to your family day out.

Indoor Playrooms: Safe and Engaging

On days when outdoor play isn't an option, Belgrade’s indoor playrooms come to the rescue. Places like Baloo Playroom in New Belgrade provide a secure and fun indoor environment, with a variety of games and activities for children of all ages.

Belgrade Museums: Safe and Enlightening Experiences

Worried about safety in indoor spaces? Don't be! Belgrade's museums are as safe as they are educational, offering enriching experiences for the whole family.

Nikola Tesla Museum: A Journey into Science

The Nikola Tesla Museum is a prime example. Here, in a secure environment, your kids can delve into the world of science and innovation. The museum offers interactive exhibits where children can learn about electricity, magnetic fields, and the incredible inventions of Nikola Tesla, all while having loads of fun.

Museum of Illusions: A World of Amazement

Another family favorite is the Museum of Illusions. This museum provides a unique experience where reality is turned upside down. With mind-bending exhibits, visual puzzles, and interactive displays, it's a great playground that challenges and delights both kids and adults.

Psst...it's very popular with the locals too. So there may be a line over the weekends.

Selfie Museum: Capture Fun Family Moments

For a modern and fun twist, visit Belgrade's Selfie Museum. It’s a vibrant, interactive space where you can take amazing family photos in creatively themed rooms. Safe, fun, and perfect for those family selfies. It's a museum experience that combines art, photography, and the joy of family bonding.

And our guess is - if you have any teenagers with you, they'll love this place.

Here's an additional one, as a bonus for reading this far (not even many locals know of this gem) - The Retro Video Game Musem.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Belgrade

When it comes to dining, Belgrade takes pride in offering safe, clean, and family-friendly restaurants. Enjoy a meal where safety is as important as the delicious flavors, perfect for satisfying those little appetites.

In Belgrade, you’ll find a variety of family-friendly restaurants that not only offer a feast for the taste buds but also ensure a safe, pleasant, and convenient dining experience for the whole family.

Here are some practical tips for eating out with kids in Belgrade:

Choosing the Right Restaurant

  • Look for Kid-Friendly Menus: Many restaurants in Belgrade offer special menus for children, featuring smaller portions and kid-approved favorites. These menus often include healthy and tasty options to cater to various tastes.

  • Check for Family Amenities: Look for restaurants that provide high chairs, changing facilities, and maybe even a small play area. These amenities make dining out with kids more comfortable and stress-free.

  • Opt for Spacious Seating: Choose restaurants with ample space, so you and your kids don’t feel cramped. A little extra room can be a big relief, especially for toddlers who might need to move around a bit during the meal.

  • Dine During Off-Peak Hours: To avoid crowded spaces, consider dining earlier in the evening. This also means faster service and a quieter environment, which can be more comfortable for children.

Navigating Belgrade Safely with Kids

Is Belgrade dangerous for families? Not at all, but accidents can happen, so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Keep an eye on your little ones in crowded places, and always have a meeting point in case you get separated. Most importantly, Belgrade's locals are known for their friendliness, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to carry a small first aid kit for minor scrapes or bruises. Teach your children basic safety rules, like not wandering off and always checking with you before going anywhere. Also, ensure that each child has your contact information and the address of your accommodation.

When using public transport, make sure your child has something to hold on to. But in most cases, the locals are willing to give up their seats to mothers with children. So you have one less thing to worry about.


So is Belgrade safe for tourists, especially those traveling with family?

A resounding yes! This city isn’t just about safety; it's about creating those precious family moments in a setting that feels like home.

Eager to create those unforgettable family memories in Belgrade? Don’t wait any longer! Begin planning your journey today, and consider a family travel guide to uncover even more of Belgrade’s safe, family-friendly wonders.

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