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What makes Belgrade so popular with Tourists? + Top 5 Reasons to Visit Belgrade

Updated: Jan 4

We’ve decided to start a new series for you and all your questions about Belgrade. In this new series, we'll explore various reasons to visit Belgrade, answering all your queries and preparing you for an unforgettable journey in this vibrant city..

top 5 reasons to visit belgrade

This series is dedicated solely to you, so you’ll feel more prepared and safe before you start your Belgrade journey.

Now let’s get started with the top 5 reasons to visit Belgrade.

This week we’ll tell you what makes Belgrade such a popular destination in the Balkans and whether Belgrade should make it to your bucket list of places worth visiting.

Belgrade is SUPER cheap: One of the Top Reasons to Visit Belgrade

One of the compelling reasons to visit Belgrade is its affordability compared to other European cities. Of all the Slavic nations Serbia (and Belgrade) is probably one of the most affordable places to be. Compared to some overly tourist-saturated places, Belgrade still offers great bargains for our foreign guests.

You can go out and have a blast for a fraction of the price you’d have to say goodbye to in Budapest, for example (and you’re only a few hours away from Belgarde, so why not stop by if you’re there). Plus some say (they have great taste) Belgrade is the place to be if you’re a party lover. But we’ll get to that later.

Most of the major attractions are free for all visitors and within walking distance. Some museums do require you to pay an entrance fee, but if you’re smart about it and do your research you can visit those on days when the fee is either lower or completely free. (insider tip: If you’re a student you can get a bunch of discounts wherever you go, just make sure you’ve got your student ID or another document that confirms your claim).

You can get a decent room, coffee, beer and food (which is mouthwatering) for some really great prices. A cup of coffee on average is about 2$, and that’s in the City centre.

You can get more tips on where to eat in Belgrade right here.

Rich in History

belgrade skyline

If you’re a history geek, you’re gonna love Belgrade! Another of the many reasons to visit Belgrade is its rich history. Historians trace Belgrade's story back 7000 years, making it a treasure trove for history buffs.

Whoah…if that doesn’t tell you you’re going to have loads of fun uncovering all those centuries-old secrets, I don't know what will.

Jokes aside. Belgrade really is a special place in Europe. Its location alone can be blamed for the turbulent past Belgrade has had to endure. Sitting at a crossroads of major trade routes easily makes you a target for all the great forces in the World. But on the other hand, it shows just how culturally rich the City is. Not just the City, if you dig a bit deeper into who we are as people in both Belgrade and Serbia, you’ll be amazed by all the influences and circumstances that shaped us to be who we are today.

I’ll just give you a few facts here to tickle your desire for exploring Belgrade:

  • 7000 B.C. -First neolithic settlement

  • end of I century A.D. -The Romans colonize Singidunum (now known as Belgrade)

  • 441 -The Huns destroyed Belgrade

  • c. 630 -The Slavs conquered Singidunum

  • 878 -First written record of the Slavic name "Beograd"

  • 1096-1189 -Crusaders pass through Belgrade

  • 1127 -Hungarian king Stefan II destroys Belgrade and uses the stones to build Zemun

  • 1232 -Belgrade became part of Hungary

  • 1284 -Serbian king Dragutin was given Belgrade from the Hungarian Crown, and it is the first time Belgrade came under Serbian rule

  • 1521 -Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent conquers Belgrade

…and so on…you can find out more right here. Or if you’d like us to cover any of those more in-depth, feel free to send us a message at belgradeturtle@gmail.com, or reach out to us on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook)

Belgrade is SAFE: Why Safety is a Key Reason to Visit Belgrade

A crucial reason to visit Belgrade is its safety. We’re not just saying that to brag. Belgrade really is a safe place to be. Of course, you should exercise some common sense (pick-pocketing can happen anywhere in the world if you’re not being a bit more careful), but other than that you’re safe to explore to your heart's content.

We as people might just look a bit scary with our large, tall frames and scrunched up faces, but we’re really kind once you get to know us a bit better (and eager to help, if you’re not being a jerk to us, that is).

No matter what the mass media may tell you, Belgrade accepts everyone. Your skin colour, religion, or other beliefs and orientations, don’t really matter to us. Belgrade is a multi-cultural place and if you really want to get into statistics, Serbia is one of the places where racism is at its lowest in Europe.

Don’t trust us? Check out this article on Wikipedia.

English is not a problem: A Welcoming Reason to Visit Belgrade

Many people tend to think they won’t be able to communicate with the locals in Belgrade. But they soon realize how wrong they are.

English is an obligatory subject in all schools in Serbia. We start learning English at the age of 7 and continue doing so all throughout our education. Some even take private classes to learn to speak even better. Not to mention, if you’re living in Belgrade, and looking to land a decent job, English is a must. So we take English pretty seriously here.

Sure, most of us don’t speak at a native level, but you’ll be more than comfortable having a conversation with a local here.

And once you start talking, you’ll get yourself a great friend to show you around and introduce you to some secret spots only locals know about. And once you’re in, you’re in!

You’ll feel like you’ve just entered a gated community, and all the doors will open for you. You can even ask your new-found friend to introduce you to that cute guy or girl across the room, and your chances of getting a date have just skyrocketed. (FYI-people in Serbia are pretty damn good-looking).

Amazing Nightlife

Last but not least among the reasons to visit Belgrade is its incredible nightlife, renowned across Europe for its vibrancy and diversity. Forget Ibiza, Ibiza is only active 4 months a year! Belgrade is on 24/7 every day of the week, no matter the season.

In short, Belgrade is your New York of the Balkans. A city that never sleeps and parties last up until the early hours of the morning. People here actually go straight to work after a night out partying!

belgrade nightlife

Now on a more serious note, Belgrade’s nightlife boomed during the nineties. When people in Belgrade were facing some very difficult life-threatening times. And our answer to that threat was- Party till you die!

That alone can tell you a lot about Serbs, and our mentality. Sure, it was a coping mechanism for everything that was going on with the civil war and NATO bombing, but it shows our spirit. That spirit is what’s been keeping us alive for all these years.

Now, back to the party scene.

There is something to suit every taste. No joke!

Everything from House, Tech House, Progressive and RnB / Hip Hop…all the way to the (arguably) local’s favourite- turbo-folk.

belgrade clubs

Even the venues are as varied as they come! From your regular pubs, bars and clubs to our local staples such as kafanas and splavs.

We’ll make sure to help you pick out the best, according to your tastes, in our future blog posts. So, keep tuned and subscribe, so you don’t find yourself missing out on the best Belgrade Nightlife Scene has to offer.

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