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Summertime sadness? - Think again…

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

As September comes into play, a slight depressing atmosphere does as well. The official holiday season comes to an end, and all the obligations we’ve been neglecting are swarming our thoughts.

Nonetheless, September has many good points to it as well. Namely, scorching heats are no longer so unbearable, especially with our weekend cocktail nights on the Turtle boat.

Even if you’ve maxed out your credit card on your all-inclusive holiday on an exclusive destination, Belgrade offers a lovely weekend escape from it all, at very affordable prices to top it off.

If you’re looking to revive those summer feels and treat yourself and your loved ones to another trip, right before summer ends, look no further.

Serbia’s capital has all you need! Great weather, low autumnal prices, and an array of offers for you to pick from.

One of those offers is the Belgarde Turtle Boat. Fully prepared to welcome you with open arms and an indispensable END OF SUMMER, NO BUMMER! treats.

Our widely famous Sunset Cruises, have been moved to 17h, so you’d still be able to enjoy the magical sunset on the Rivers of Belgrade. On top of that, we’ve included a variety of teas and domestic rakijas to our regular drink offer to warm you up for the chillier evenings.

Another novelty to make your experience even more enjoyable is a set of home-made Serbian snacks. If you’ve ever wanted to have a taste of true domestic snacks, and have that authentic eat-like-natives do tours, this is your chance!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Belgrade Turtle Cruise offers you a chance to admire the ultimate fall foliage in Belgrade. Experience the collision of two worlds, one where nature dominates, with all it’s fall beauties and the other where man-made treasures do.

Sounds lovely, right?

So why not give this once-in-a-lifetime adventure a try, and have a sightseeing cruise on the quirkiest boat in the City-The Belgrade Turtle Boat.

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