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5 Ways to Tour Belgrade as if You’ve Never Seen it Before

Updated: Jan 4

how to tour belgrade

We all dream of amazing, life-changing trips all over the globe but travel restrictions are not the only thing stopping us. Work obligations, money, lack of time, we had that even in pre-pandemic times, but none of those things should stop us from evoking the feelings of excitement we get whenever we travel. With this new way of living that has been forced upon us, we have to find ways to quench our thirst for adventure but still stay safe and find ways to have fun. This is our chance to venture a bit closer to home and embark on a personal tour of Belgrade, exploring our own city like never before.

Let me ask you this when was the last time you played tourist in your own city?

Never, maybe a long time ago at best, right?

Well now is your chance!

Think of all the things Belgrade has to offer, attractions you’d take your guests to see, that you haven’t seen yourself, restaurants, coffee shops that besides having great food and beverages tell a unique story. Let’s not forget about the ever so eclectic architecture that adorns Belgrade, or all of the green areas that are more than enough to satisfy a nature lover’s heart.

Embark on a New Tour: Belgrade in a Different Light

Belgrade at night
See Belgrade in a new light

Having a set route, going down the same old streets, having your fave places to eat or have a drink is fine, perfectly normal, but it does get stale after a while. Isn’t that what makes us want to travel in the first place? We all need something new in our lives every once in a while.

Well, you can get that new experience with a fresh tour of Belgrade, no matter how long you’ve been living here, there has to be a place you once said you’d visit but you never got round to doing so.

No matter how small a change it can awaken your adventurous spirit and quench that thirst for change. It comes with a few benefits as well. Think about it, no luggage, no waiting at airports or borders, no language barriers, that’s just to name a few. So take a few minutes out of your morning to plan out your new tour of Belgrade for the day and get going. Nothing’s stopping you. Make sure to snap a few photos and share them with us on our Instagram @belgradeturtleboat, as we’d love to see what you came up with.

Tour Belgrade's Rich History and Heritage

Belgrade victor
Learn about Belgrade history and heritage

Time and time again you’ve passed by a certain place, driven past a building or a monument, but have you ever taken the time to find out what’s the story behind it? Belgrade is a city packed with history and we tend to take it all for granted. This is the perfect time to tour Belgrade's historical sites and find out why tourists hold our city in such high regard and learn more about the compelling stories of our Capital. You might find it quite gratifying to indulge in one of the local tours as well. You just might find yourself feeling more appreciative of the place you call home.

Tour Belgrade: Change Your Surroundings for a Day

Belgrade apartment rental
Change your surroundings

Waking up in a hotel or bed-and-breakfast is a tried-and-true way to set the mood for exploring. No one says you have to break the bank to have such an experience, especially not in Belgrade. Think about it, how much would you have to splurge to have such an experience elsewhere? Probably much more. Belgrade is one of the most expense-friendly places to be in, and if you live in the suburbs you probably don’t get to see the city center that often. You can even make a date of it. Just imagine! Spending the day with your significant other, exploring the city, having a fancy dinner, and spending the night in a fancy room. A luxury you’d probably be more reluctant to splurge on elsewhere.

You can check out one of our favorites, if this idea appeals to you, right here.

Buy a souvenir

Are you one of those people whose fridge doors are jam-packed with magnets from all of your travels, or maybe you like to collect postcards? Who doesn’t really...but maybe your collection is lacking a souvenir from Belgrade. Why not change that?

Why would your hometown or your country’s Capital be excluded? It’s just as beautiful and it might just bring back memories from a wonderful day you spent touring your own city. If that’s not reason enough, you’ll be helping the local economy, especially in these difficult times.

Meet someone new

Exploring with friends
Meet someone new

Talking to strangers? Preposterous! Or is it?

I’m not saying you have to just walk up to a random stranger, but maybe join a local meetup and find like-minded people to have an interesting conversation with.

If you’re willing to go into full tourist mode and join one of the local tours foreigners love so much you’ll definitely end up having a fun experience and starting a conversation with someone from that group won’t be as intimidating. Plus you’ll be surprised by how interesting some conversations can be and how they can have a big impact on you!

If intrigued, feel free to check out these guys here and here

Conclusion: You’re bound to feel refreshed!

tour belgrade like a local

Don’t you think taking a tour around Belgrade is a great way to recover from all these days we’ve had to stay indoors? Plus, the perspective you have of your home will change, your mindset as well. You’ll spice up your day-to-day life without spending too much money or too much time. You’ll learn to appreciate what you already have and feel more relaxed.

What more can you ask for? So get going and make sure to share your experience with us.

Till next time, cheers!

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